Promicon Systems

Software interface

Control by the higher-level PLC is carried out via ready-made function blocks. This ensures that the programmer has only minimal concern with the details of the axis.

These function blocks are completely implemented in the CPM-1000 with the integrated control and their input and output data are transported via the network.

This is beneficial in several ways.

  • Due to the speed of the CPM-1000, the function blocks are executed at high speed and possible delays in the higher-level PLC are reduced.
  • The PLC and the network are relieved of time-critical tasks.
  • This transparent interface results in high reliability of the system as no executable code is installed in the PLC.
  • Specific properties on the part of the PLC have no influence on the function of the function block.
Function block CPM_Command
Function block CPM_Status

Extensible function blocks

To be prepared for situations where standard functions are not sufficient, the range of functions of the CPM-1000 can be extended at any time, without the need for special firmware adjustments.

To make this possible, the ready-made function blocks are completely implemented on the user level with the integrated control and are provided as source code.

This enables the programmer to modify existing function blocks, to add or to create new function blocks.

In this way, the simplicity of standard functions is combined with the flexibility of free programmability.

As a result of this it is achieved that the system manufacturer can react very quickly to new requirements and at the same time his own process know-how is completely in his hands.