Promicon Systems

Integrated control

The servo controllers of the series CPM-1000 have an integrated control. This is the key to extraordinary flexibility. Speicher

The integrated control serves to connect the functional elements of the servo controllers with each other.

  • Objects for controlling and influencing movements
  • Objects for reading axis information
  • Remanent variables
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Input and output data of the network interface
The programming is simple and clear and has all the operations required to design movements and processes.
  • Arithmetic
  • Connections
  • Mathematical functions
  • Sequence control and subroutines

Technology functions

The combination of programming and functional elements means that a wealth of technology functions can be realized. In addition, they can be embedded perfectly in the overall function.
  • Detecting obstacles
  • Influencing the motor current
  • Position detection with trigger input
  • Modify target position and speed on-the-fly
  • Set outputs depending on the position
  • speed profiles
  • Cam switch
  • Clearing of distance to go
  • Calculate motion parameters depending on events
  • Recording movement data
  • Endless operation for transport and rotary axes