Promicon Systems

Real-time debugger

The PC-based real-time debugger pWIN is available for operation and programming. It can be connected to the CPM-1000 via USB or Profinet.

Real-time debugger

On several working pages, various tools can be opened and combined as required. This provides a situation-based optimal overview of the operating state, the process signals and variables.

  • Editors for variables and system parameters
  • Teach-in of positions
  • Inspection of objects and multiport variables
  • Inspection of digital und analog inputs and outputs
  • Inspection of the axis
  • Adjust and optimize axis
  • Debugging of source code with single-step and automatic mode, setting breakpoints, manipulating program execution and editing of instructions.
  • Multi view of the programs
  • Spot monitor for quick inspection of values with mouse pointer
  • Persistence function for tracking the program sequence
  • Loading and saving data and programs


To simplify drive tuning, the real-time debugger provides a Live-Scope that can be used to observe and analyze the behavior of the drives on the computer.

A special feature of the Live-Scope is that the display in real-time mode is like an oscilloscope and you see directly what is happening at the drive.