Promicon Systems

Overview modules

In order to be able to optimally adapt VariMotion to the respective application, various modules are available.

Modular motion controller

The modular motion controllers have different modules which make it possible to realize a flexible structure according to the respective requirements.
Type Module function
CPU-140 Central unit in variable performance classes
CPU-170 Central unit with Profinet
in variable performance classes
PNS-25 Profinet Device, Ethernet
ECS-26 EtherCAT Slave, Ethernet
PBS-21 Profibus Slave, Ethernet
SDC-23 2-fold RS232 interface
DIO-26 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs,
optional pulse counter and position trigger
DI-27 16 digital inputs
DO-28 16 digital outputs
VI-23 4 analog inputs, 14 bit
VO-24 4 analog outputs, 14 bit
MPX-25 Encoder input, incremental, EnDat 2.2, BiSS
PCX-24 Position controller with external speed controller
PSI-28 Additional power supply module

Smart motion controller

For applications that do not require expansion modules, there are control units that only consist of central unit and network interface in one device.

The smart motion controllers are an interesting alternative for cost-sensitive applications.

Type Network Interfaces Memory
VCU-70-PN Profinet USB
Ethernet TCP/IP
256 kByte
2 MByte
VCU-70-EC EtherCAT
VCU-80-PB Profibus
VCU-80-CO CANopen