Promicon Systems

Technology functions

VariMotion can be used to implement a wide variety of technology functions. These technology functions have objects that are accessed by the integrated control.
Technology functions

Limitless mobility

With VariMotion, the movement of multiple axes can be coordinated and combined in any form. To accomplish this task, the integrated control is used in conjunction with objects.

Since all data of the axes can be accessed directly, a variety of functional connections between the axes, process signals and real-time data can be realized.

Here, the possibilities go far beyond the mere coordination of axis movements, as any information and data are included in the process.

Virtual axes

Of particular performance are virtual axes. With these, almost any coordinated movements with multiple axes can be realized.

Here, several virtual axes can be operated simultaneously. This multi‍-‍channeling can also be distributed to several programs.

  • Master-slave functions
  • Curve functions
  • Interpolated movements