Promicon Systems

Integrated control

The VariMotion multi-axis system has a powerful integrated control. This is the key to extraordinary flexibility. Speicher

The integrated control is used to access the functional elements of VariMotion.

  • Objects for controlling and influencing movements
  • Objects for reading axis information
  • Remanent variables
  • Digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • Input and output data of the network interface

The programming is simple and clear and has all the operations required to design movements and processes.

Parallel user programs

Another feature of the integrated control is the ability to run multiple programs in parallel and independently. This creates the possibility to organize the application into independent subprograms.

The multi-port memory is available for communication among the programs. These can be accessed in any other way.

Fast program processing

The central units with powerful RISC processors guarantee shortest reaction times and fast program processing. Time-critical tasks are mastered reliably and unnecessary waiting times are eliminated.

A special feature is that movements are started without delay, which immediately increases machine performance.

Relief of PLC and network

The integrated control relieves the PLC and the network in two ways.
  • Time-critical and compute-intensive tasks are taken over by VariMotion.
  • The volume of data within the network is reduced as they are processed directly by VariMotion.
Both aspects also make a significant contribution to reducing response times and thus achieving higher cycle rates.