Promicon Systems


The VariMotion multi-axis system has a modular structure and consists of a motion controller and several servo controllers. These elements are connected via the high-performance vNET drive network. VariMotion-Aufbau

Coordination of movement

The main task of the motion controller is the motion coordination of the servo axes connected via the vNET. This makes it possible to realize complex multi‍-‍axis motion sequences with the highest precision and minimum response times.

In addition, the motion controller takes on additional tasks:

  • Communication via network interfaces
  • Integrated control with 8 parallel programs
  • Storage of all data including the axis parameters

Integrated control

In order to achieve maximum flexibility and functionality in the design of automation processes, VariMotion has a powerful integrated controller.


The motion controller can be extended modularly:
  • Digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • Serial interfaces
  • Encoder modules
  • Position controller for external speed controller

Servo controller

The servo controllers are characterized by extraordinary dynamics and precision. This is of particular importance when using modern servo motors with high power densities in conjunction with high-resolution feedback systems.

In addition, the highest degree of universality is achieved by the various elements:

  • Universal motor feedback
  • Functional safety
  • Power-supply connection (1- and 3-phase) with integrated EMC mains filter
  • Devices for 24V and 48V DC voltage
  • Integrated ballast resistor