Promicon Systems


Topologie MGuard

Modular design

The structure of the system is completely modular and consists of a bridge module and up to 12 axis modules.

The connection to the servo controllers is made with standard RJ45 cables.

Certified safety functions

All safety functions are handled independently with the servo controllers. This means that no programming of the actual safety functions is required. This is so important because such programming in terms of safety regulations would require time-consuming validation of proper function.

Simple coupling with safety controllers

When connecting to safety controllers, special emphasis was placed on the fact that as few signals as possible are required.

This goal is achieved by forming groups of several axes in the bridge module, which are controlled by common signals. If, for example, the safety function SLS is to be used on 6 axes, then only a single input is required for this purpose. Conversely, it is signaled via an output that all 6 axes work without interference.